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Mind. Body. Spirit. These are the areas of focus while laying a foundation of change during the New Freedom program.

Alpha Source partners with New Freedom to provide inspiration and guidance to members as they work at nurturing their personal fitness. No matter the age or level of experience, from entry level participants being given an introduction to people with disabilities seeking to train better functionality, or gym veterans looking to reach that next level, it is Alpha Source’s responsibility to provide cutting edge fitness training opportunities for every demographic.

Working alongside reentry and behavioral health programming experts, the Alpha Source goal is to provide more than a little exercise. It is the Alpha Source goal to teach New Freedom members about their bodies with a motivational focus. Alpha Source helps members attain healthy self-awareness, shaping a positive perspective for the future as they move forward in life, using proven exercise principles that will reinforce cognitive structuring. A key focal point of Alpha Source trainers during exercise drills is to motivate the member toward the rest of their New Freedom programming, and in the process bring them closer to making the changes they are seeking.

Everyone has massive potential locked away within themselves, and it is through reaching that potential that we can begin to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Combine that with a determination to redefine who you are, and all your actions can fall in line with these two variables. Alpha Source is proud to serve the New Freedom community.

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Off-site recreational events will be hosted by our events team on weekends. Hosted events include sporting events such as softball and volleyball, as well as other activities such as yoga, MELT events, and card tournaments. Sporting events promote full-body conditioning, increased flexibility, and they improve mental health-developing strategies to compete as they build teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. These tournaments and events also promote healthy lifestyle habits and develop positive personal relationships, removing us from the temptation of self-isolation. The best part is, it’s fun!


“Alpha Source has done great things for me in my stay here. Not only do I feel good physically but mentally as well. It has brought back confidence that I had forgotten existed. It has brought discipline and structure into my life. Alpha Source pushes me to my absolute limit. I feel that Alpha Source has definitely changed my outlook on life in a very positive way and I am confident that it has done the same for my fellow peers. I feel that Alpha Source, in my opinion, is the foundation to this great recovery program. If you look and feel great then you will perform great.”

– Agustin Ruiz | Graduated October 2021


This page was inspired by Alpha Source Owner, David Eskes

Alpha Source C.E.O.
Released June, 2015

10 Years Served

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