Every single aspect New Freedom was put in place by design for one purpose, to inspire dignity and empower the innate goodness in human beings. New Freedom knows how this works, and we believe every human being has the opportunity to experience a new freedom.

We take a holistic and naturopathic approach to treatment with multiple levels of care. We refer to these levels of care together as the Continuum of Care. This full continuum of treatment is provided by licensed therapists, case managers, board-certified psychiatrists, registered nurses, behavioral health technicians and peer support personnel.

Continuum of Care

Case Management

Case Management is a level of care that overlays most other levels of care. In a sense, Case Management is running in the background at all times during a participant's stay at New Freedom. Each client will have a case manager, who will be the first face a client sees upon intake and the last face they see upon their graduation of programming. Case managers evaluate the individual health, social, residential, and employment goals of participants. Through assessments, treatment planning, and facilitation of care, case managers will continually evaluate the client’s progress towards meeting these goals.

Withdrawal Stabalization (Detox)

Detox is a method of clearing chemicals and toxins from the body of a client who is physically dependent on substances of abuse. The program is designed to mitigate the harsh symptoms of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. In some situations, without proper treatment withdrawal from a substance can be life threatening. New Freedom's detox programs are safe environments where medical doctors and other licensed health professionals use alternative medical remedies and other techniques to help bring peace to the process and safely manage the side effects of withdrawal.

Residential Inpatient

Residential Inpatient treatment is a clinical foundation of the Continuum of Care programming that typically lasts 30-90 days. New Freedom will openly encourage clientele to participate in an enhanced peer-to-peer approach to 12-step programs through the 10-year-old recovery-based courses by Position of Neutrality (PON). The daily activities during Residential Inpatient treatment will consist of workbook materials, counseling sessions, peer-to-peer group activities, 12-step meetings as well as interims of recreational downtime. New Freedom will accommodate every client ensuring all living needs are met as well as provide an exceptional nutrient-filled menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Transitional Living

New Freedom's Transitional Living service is a sober living environment that provides safe and supportive residential housing which hosts structured living conditions for individuals exiting New Freedom's Continuum of Care programs. Transitional Living serves as an intermediary environment for patients in between Residential Treatment and Intensive Outpatient (IOP). Patients in Transitional Living are still housed in New Freedom facilities and report to outpatient classes throughout the day. The daily routine resembles a Residential Inpatient treatment day program with the flexibility and freedom of less restrictive housing policies.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

IOP provides sound structured programming that is typically less restrictive than all previous levels of care. IOP counselors and staff use evidenced-based programs developed from PON courses to enhance the lives of patients and their families. Clients attend 2-3 hour classes 3-4 times per week. Patients in IOP typically return home after treatment on a daily basis or they may choose to live in a sober living environment.