A group of people discussing a film collaboration project for the New Freedom Project.

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between the New Freedom Project Media department and Revi Be Creative. In the upcoming weeks, we will be embarking on several captivating video projects at our facility, showcasing the remarkable talents of our teams, and the Servant Heart nature that is deeply ingrained in the culture of New Freedom.


Our ultimate goal is to capture the unique culture of our facility, as well as the transformative nature that can be found in our proud graduates. We believe that these videos will truly display the essence of what makes New Freedom so special and will serve as a testament to the incredible work that takes place here.

• We are looking for participants in this project to be filmed in the following areas
o Alumni testimonials
o Current member testimonials
o Staff testimonials
o During the filming times in the lobby we hope to have as many people as possible and truly show how full of life our facilities truly are. We will let everyone know what these times are so we can accomplish this

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We inspire dignity by empowering the innate goodness in every human being.