The NEw Freedom Experience


We have found that those who come to New Freedom are quick to say it feels like home. When a new member first enters, they are greeted with friendly faces and welcomes. There is no judgment and no size ups like in jails and prison yards – because the people who come to New Freedom want to live a different lifestyle.

On the first day of arrival, a new member receives a key to their room. Next, a peer mentor escorts them to their team with which they program and live together for the next 90 days. 

This is a 90-day program that provides for every basic need. At New Freedom, members are given the tools needed to uncover inner peace, remember their dreams, and begin executing strategic plans for their futures.



The majority of the people that walk through our doors are coming straight from the prison yard; it is one of the happiest and at the same time stressful days of their lives. We are familiar with this because many of us have experienced that same walk out of the prison gates and know what it’s like to start again towards success and freedom.


“On the day of my release from prison I remember feeling worried about how I was going to survive. Phoenix is a city that I have never been to. And me being from another state had me questioning how I would find the needed support to make my transition from prison successful. After checking in with my parole officer I was on my way to New Freedom. I will never forget my first day at New Freedom. Here, I was given the warmest welcome that I have ever received. Not only by those who work here but by the members as well. New Freedom provided me with everything that I needed. At no cost to me. That much needed help took a huge load of stress off of me.

With the assistance of my mentor and my support team I was able to center my focus on things like job preparation, options for housing and recovery. While attending process groups during the day I was able to address some childhood trauma and developed some very needed coping and life skills. I began to attend employment preparation groups and was able to gain employment. My experience has been that I began to get amazing results by taking the suggestions and help laid in front of me by my support team. The program design here has made it possible for me to reenter society confidently and successfully.”

– Cesar Reynaga | Graduated April 2021


This page was inspired by NF Staff, Sean Warren

Media Developer
Released August, 2020

10 Years Served

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