New Freedom commits to keeping an open and honest line of communication between itself and the Community Partners. We agree to work with Community Partners, attending regular meetings to maintain open communication so we can respond to community concerns. We adhere to voluntary measures designed to benefit the community by decreasing crime, protecting public health and safety, and promoting the livable and economic development of the surrounding areas. 

At New Freedom we pride ourselves on giving our members the opportunity to give back to their fellows. Through our Alumni volunteers program we are able give an opportunity to our members to return to the facility and help give back to our current members. Keeping this cycle going is vital to creating a community here at New Freedom.



To Worship God by knowing and loving Him to live a Christ-centered life based on His word committed to continuous spiritual and physical development, with a devotion to creating value in each role we have, in reuniting with family, friends, and in our community. We strive to embrace the servant’s heart, to approach life experiences with a spirit of compassion and excellence. To create a positive impact here at Recovery Church through fellowship with regular Communion services, quarterly Baptism Services, Special Seminars such as Marriage, Forgiveness, and seminars for men and women on biblical guidance. 

Our Lead Ombudsmen, Garrett Deetz and Mukhtar Najee-Ullah (Najee), have been very active in changing the mindsets of people on community supervision. This is accomplished by speaking at parole orientations and on behalf of those men and women going before Community Supervision who have made the decision to change their lives and give back. Their involvement has solidified the relationship between our facility and parole.

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“My name is Tyler R. I remember the day I was getting released from prison like it was yesterday. I was sitting at CIP waiting for New Freedom to pick me up. I can tell you I was worried I was sitting up there for nothing. Just thinking to myself they aren’t come to get you. So after sitting there for two hours the CO walked up to me saying ‘Mr. R., grab your things your ride is here.’ That was the best feeling to know I was finally leaving I was excited! Now it was time for me to start a new chapter of my life. I knew what I wanted to do I just didn’t know how I was going to actually accomplish it. After three and a half hours of driving I finally arrived at New Freedom, I walked in to the doors and the first thing I hear was “WELCOME HOME” from everyone. When I heard that I knew this place was different from anywhere I’ve been before. It did take me a while to adjust to everything but after two weeks I felt like I was home, and I could accomplish anything! I want everyone to know that New Freedom helped me accomplish everything I wanted to do. I was able to finish my G.E.D. and start into college courses. If I had to give you any advice is to network with everyone there, because you never know what that one person can help you with. Never say you can’t do it because that’s far from the truth, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!”

– Tyler R | Graduated October 2021


Page inspired by GCHH staff Mukhtar BilalNajee-Ullah


Released April, 2018

40 Years Served

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We inspire dignity by empowering the innate goodness in every human being.