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Individual Service

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering with us! Volunteers provide vital services and are an important part of the New Freedom community. Most of our volunteers work to support our programs or directly with our Members.

Our goal is to find a match for your interests with opportunities at our New Freedom campus or in off-site activities. 

Current opportunities include:

  • Skills Guide – taking our Members on a pass for shopping, errands and other personal transportation needs (training required)
  • Mentors (training required)
  • Recreation/Activity Leaders – taking our Members hiking or on other recreational activities

Everyone who is interested in volunteering must attend a 30-minute Volunteer Training as part of the application process. Send an email to Danny Hernandez to inquire.

Interested in your Group serving at New Freedom? Send an email to Danny Hernandez to inquire.

Group Service

internship opportunities at new freedom

Are you a counseling, social work, recreational therapy or criminal justice student looking to complete internship hours? Send an email to Danny Hernandez.


“When I decided to get my volunteer green lanyard, Danny and his department were super helpful. They have made the process easy to understand and very informative. The entire program is great. It gives all of us the opportunity to pay it forward and help people who are in the same position we were in when we got out. Now we are able to not only help new releases but New Freedom as well. The whole idea of New Freedom is exactly what the name says. The Alumni Green Lanyard program is absolutely amazing. And Danny and his team are great.”

– Christopher Schipper | Graduated August 2021


This page was inspired by NF Staff, Danny Hernandez

Community Engagement  Liaison
Released January, 2020

10 Years Served

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