What is gchh?

In 2006, a group of incarcerated men joined together on common ground after realizing their time was best served by helping others. Inside the confined walls of prison they developed a full curriculum of peer lead courses to teach their fellow inmates fundamental life-skills and recovery principles to prepare each other for reentry into society. Family members of Joe Chiappetta, a founding member, applied for 501(c)3 status for a non-profit entity which they named Gold Canyon Heart & Home (GCHH). The success of this led to the corrections administration allowing GCHH to support peer mentors having their own classroom settings unsupervised by corrections officers.

Of the 140+ original mentors of GCHH’s peer-to-peer program that have been released, none have recidivated. These original mentors were responsible for helping over 4,200 men and woman successfully reenter the community. 

Today, GCHH’s programs have been adopted and implemented by New Freedom in a modernized behavioral health setting. GCHH still carries out their original mission of peer-to-peer mentorship through a collaborative effort called the GCHH New Freedom Project, this time working from the outside in. Placement to New Freedom primarily depends on the GCHH New Freedom Project mentors working with prospective candidates during their incarceration. If they are eligible and choose to commit to the program, our transportation department picks them up at the gate.

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We inspire dignity by empowering the innate goodness in every human being.