New Freedom has a focus on individuals reentering society from internment, although our doors are open to any individual who is willing to seek a new way of living.

We do this from the help of our friends at Gold Canyon Heart & Home, a nonprofit organization that has been mentoring at risk individuals through a peer-to-peer model since 2006. They call this program in-reach. Like most organization who perform out-reach, we have an in-reach.

What We Do

The Need

There is a growing need for services in America’s mental wellness health care system for the majority of special needs groups. This is particularly so for those seeking help for reentry & recovery. Generally speaking, it is difficult to navigate entry into treatment and the vast majority of organizations in the industry lack a full continuum of therapeutic and clinical care. There are also large populations whose needs are far from being met. New Freedom AZ not only recognizes these gaps but has the capacity to develop and manage a multifaceted mental wellness institution, truly the first one-stop-shop of its kind.

The Target Populace

Traditional business models in behavioral health tend to only focus on the target market that the general public offers; your everyday citizen with a substance abuse problem. New Freedom AZ’s services are undoubtedly open to the public as any other behavioral health care program, but through in-reach provided by GCHH, we will service a large number of the 18,634 inmates coming out of the Department Of Corrections (DOC) every year in Arizona, and a significant portion of them already qualify for and are in need of behavioral health services. Simply put, this is an immense untapped market and GCHH has the funnel in place.

The In-Reach

GCHH has had direct in-reach to incarcerated individuals seeking to better their lives since 2004. Most of these individuals are in immediate need of transportation, housing and programming upon their release. Unfortunately, more often than not, society’s kneejerk reaction to these individuals getting out is rejection and or neglect. For years, GCHH has been working together with political figures, DOC staff, and leading community stakeholders creating progressive momentum in undertaking this issue. With New Freedom and this pilot facility we have made a path of reentry for this special needs population through the behavioral health care system that secures the community’s safety, provides the individuals the help they desperately need, and also produces a robust and sustainable financial structure funded through state health insurance contracts. Private insurance contracts are also available and NFAZ will develop those as this business model scales up and into more facilities being developed. 

The Opportunity

New Freedom AZ has a ground breaking plan that includes the breakdown of the economic viability for both the provider and clientele and a clear-cut pathway to generate sustainable Continuous Critical Care. NFAZ has also identified opportunities for utilizing pre-existing programs, services, resources. This vision laid forth also presents the evidence of GCHH’s research and first hand experiences in the community as well as in DOC and how to implement its findings into effective mental wellness health practices, standards and policies for service. This business plan shows a viable financial model that will have a vigorous local genesis to be scaled regionally and nationally supported by a comprehensive breakdown of the behavioral health care programming that NFAZ calls Continuous Critical Care. NFAZ plans to contract GCHH and Waltz Construction  with financial guidance from Wealtpoint to provide a state of the art campus property that encompass a recovery metropolis open to the public to come and go freely.