Our Approach:
The New Freedom Experience

Welcome Home

People tell us that New Freedom immediately feels like home. Our staff and existing members take it upon themselves to greet new members as their own. There’s no judgment and no sizing each other up. We respect each other because we’ve been there before.


Everything we do is intended to make positive change at a personal, societal, and economic level.


In all circumstances, we demonstrate humility and empathy without judgment, helping our members conquer their challenges in order to realize positive outcomes.


We believe in the uncompromising pursuit of positive outcomes. With unfailing perseverance, we support our members and guide them through every step of their journey.

Restorative: Second Chances that Inspire Hope

The New Freedom community is built on the fundamental guiding principle of healing and restoring people so they can return to our communities. We believe justice is served by lives well lived after a difficult start.

Compassionate: Helping with Humanity

New Freedom members and staff not only feel our shared burdens, but we help carry each other’s burdens when needed. We don’t judge but do our best to help with humility, empathy, and compassion.

Tenacious: There Every Step of the Way

New Freedom is a place for people who have a shared experience of what it’s like to start over. We motivate each other with our wisdom, and we’re here to guide each other with accurate, authentic, and timely support every step of the way.

Programs and Services to Support Second Chances

New Freedom’s comprehensive programs focus on recovery and are built to support those looking for a new way of living.

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Core Re-Entry Program
Navigator Services

Peer Support
Vocational Education
Case Management

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