Compassionate support
for second chances.

In-Reach Programs: Help from the other side.

Our unique inreach process sparks hope and initiates relationships with those still incarcerated. We work directly with inmates until their release date, whether it’s in two months or 20 years. Consistent support from the other side helps lay the foundation for successful re-entry into the community.


Letters Written

(As of August 2023)


Incarcerated Mentees

(As of August 2023)

Letter Writing

Our letter-writing program was started by Denise McDonald, who was initially writing more than 1,000 inmates on her own. From her inspiration, we now have a full department of mentors who personally write to thousands of inmates.

Peer Mentorship

Our peer mentorship program prepares incarcerated individuals for release and eases their transition back into the community by empowering them to assess their needs, set goals, and build healthy support systems.

Core Re-Entry Program: The Fundamentals of Recovery

New Freedom’s 90-day core re-entry program fills each weekday with intentional programming focused on building physical and mental health. Each day starts with a physical wellness program followed by a mix of therapist-led, peer-to-peer, and staff-facilitated group activities with breaks for nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Members actively participate in all aspects of our focused weekday programs with complimentary classes, services, and events available on the weekends. Members also have the opportunity to become Peer Support certified since being of service plays a critical role in recovery and re-entry.

  • Safe Housing
  • Healthy & Nutritious Meals
  • Therapist-Facilitated Group Sessions
  • Peer Support & Case Management Groups
  • Wellness & Nutrition Groups
  • Individual Counseling & Therapy
  • Vocational Education
  • Evening Free Time
  • Weekend Classes, Services & Events
  • Clothing & Hygiene

Peer Support: Help Every Step of the Way

New Freedom’s Peer Support Specialists are integrated into all aspects of our programming to encourage member engagement and self-management. These are people who are successfully navigating the recovery and re-entry process and can help show others the way through shared understanding, respect, and mutual empowerment. Peer Support Specialists help members stay engaged in the recovery process well beyond the clinical setting, reaching into members’ day-to-day environment and helping to reduce the likelihood of relapse.

  • Individual & Group Sessions
  • Beyond Clinical Care
  • Peer Recovery Experience
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Shared Understanding
  • Peer Certification Programs

“We know where you are because we’ve been there ourselves.”

Vocational Education: Skills to Last a Lifetime

New Freedom provides vocational classroom and hands-on training that aligns with the skills, needs, and wants of our members. Evidence of this training is visible in the transformation to our campus buildings, the food cooked in our kitchens, and the framing mock-ups in our courtyard. Graduates of our programs go on to find steady jobs and often return to offer peer support and guidance to current members.








Commercial Painting

Peer Support Certifications

Case Management: Paving a Path to Success

New Freedom’s case management program provides goal-oriented and individualized support to help members become increasingly self-sufficient. It’s a comprehensive approach of assessment, planning, advocacy, coordination, and monitoring to ensure that members continue on the path to successful recovery and re-entry beyond our initial programs.

  • Housing Placement
  • Work Placement
  • I.D. Support
  • Budget & Credit Management
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • G.E.D. Assistance
  • Nutrition & Self-Care
  • Computer, Phone & Social Media Skills
  • Legal Advocacy / Mitigation of Fines
  • Retrieval Assistance (License / SSN)

Transportation: Each Journey Starts with a First Step

Upon release at the gates, assigned peers are ready and waiting to greet and transport members to our New Freedom front door, where the first sign they see is “Welcome Home!”


New Freedom guides members through all aspects of their journey to health, from coordinating doctor’s appointments to navigating insurance policies and managing medication. We also offer wellness and nutrition classes that integrate with our overall focus on behavioral health.

Medical Care Guidance

Nutrition and Wellness Classes

Social Activities

The path to a new life takes many turns and requires support from all sides. That’s why New Freedom also offers a variety of unstructured opportunities for members to connect with each other in a positive way through off-site or on-site social activities like hikes, sports competitions, visits to parks, and more. Our once-a-month Wacky Wednesdays include dunk tanks, trivia, treasure hunts, and holiday-specific activities.

12-Step Groups

Position of Neutrality, our featured 12-step group, is the largest step study recovery group in Arizona and is also live streamed globally online. These teachings introduce a new manner of living rooted in the original intentions of AA, which was founded in 1935 to help individuals struggling with alcoholism.

Learn more about Position of NeutralityArrow

Resource/Job Fairs

New Freedom’s resource and job fairs embody the organization’s steadfast commitment to fostering positive change within second-chance populations and to incorporating community involvement in our programs. These events serve as dynamic platforms that bring together a diverse array of community partners who share a common belief in the power of redemption and rehabilitation. New Freedom facilitates these resource fairs with a dedication to equipping individuals with the tools they need to reintegrate into society and rebuild their lives.

From compassionate employers willing to offer a second chance at meaningful employment, to healthcare providers extending their expertise to ensure comprehensive well-being, to community stakeholders who advocate for social integration, these events showcase a holistic network of support. Job placement services, skill-building workshops, healthcare consultations, legal aid, and mental health resources all find a place within the offerings. Our members are filled with encouragement and empowerment, enabling them to explore opportunities, forge connections, and regain a sense of agency over their futures.

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